The Preston’s Guide Twin-Volume contains the listings of nearly every make and model of air conditioner, heat pump and gas & oil residential forced air furnace produced in the United States and Canada over the past 45+ years.

This huge volume weighs just under four pounds and its 928 pp, 8-1/4" x 10-3/4", perfect-bound, twin-volume (two books in one cover) includes brand cross-references and lists the maker, type of equipment, model numbers, year(s) of manufacture, and the original factory specs on capacity and efficiency ratings. $95
Sample listings shown, below, are typical of The Preston’s Guide:



*CD-ROM updated every 2-3 years or as needed

The latest edition of Preston's Guide CD-ROM contains our full comprehensive index to factory specifications through the year 2005. As an added bonus, we have included our Residential Gas & Oil Boiler listings through 2005. Now, you have instant access to over 520,000 listings of makes and models that can be scrolled, compared and printed. Our CD-ROM also features a "Model Number Search" capability that users are delighted with in how quickly they can find a unit’s listing when all you have to go on is a model number. Moreover, you needn't enter all the characters of the model number but rather just the first few and, all matches will be listed.

In addition, Preston’s CD-ROM also features our Seasonal Energy-Cost Comparator allowing you to make a quick comparison of the estimated energy costs of the customer’s old equipment vs. those of your proposed replacement unit. Print these out to include with your presentation to the customer.

Preston’s CD–ROM is a stand-alone database that runs on all versions of Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems. The CD-ROM software includes a license agreement allowing you to make a copy of it on to a single pc’s hard drive. Multiple copies are discount priced to accommodate needing it on multiple computers. It may also be run on a server but is limited to one user at a time. $175


Our newest publication is now updated to 2005 putting it into our normal five-year cycle for updating all our products. We hope to yet find the data that will allow us to extend our listings backwards in this publication. Hopefully by twenty or thirty years.$18

FYI . . . As you probably know, there are not a lot of technological advancements in boiler design and/or operation. And, boilers can last a very long time. Therefore, manufacturers tend to continue making the same model(s) for a much longer period of time than they would, for example, a furnace.

On-Line Internet Access...from wherever you are!

• Unlimited 24/7 Access • Always Up-To-Date • Fast & Easy To Use

Now, for the first time...Preston's is providing another way for you to access their 520,000-record historical HVAC specifications. These are the original factory specifications, on more than 240 brands, you need to be effective in selling replacement equipment and systems. Included: starting from 1960 for Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, from 1965 for Residential Gas Furnaces and from 1982 for Oil. There's also boilers from 1996 (Ok, we just started that one) all are listed right up to 2005...a database of over 520,000 records!

The first screen. You'll always start here: When you subscribe; log-on with your username (your email address) and password (you designate it or we'll assign you one); even when you forget your password. It's all here.

Click on "FIND" to display all model number listings (or a long list of all models that start with the same first few characters as you entered) to find.

3. BAM! You're taken to the results screen where a list of up to 50 matching model numbers is displayed. Selecting on one them will re-display just that model's information*. Then return to the intermediate screen, ready to search for another model number.
Get on Preston's site from anywhere, be it Paducka, Tokyo or East Timor, when you need spec information on an existing unit or system...for replacing it, for servicing it with parts, for testing it's performance. You might be in the store, a customers home, in a sales meeting, out in the warehouse or at a parts counter you needn't carry anything with you. Just as long as you can get access to the internet you can quickly and easily find the Original Manufacturer's specifications on just about any unit that's still in existance.

Here's the information each listing gives you
For a given model number and maker/brand listed are:Years model was manufactured, factory ratings for capacity and efficiency;
• heating equipment capacity is in terms of INPUT Btu/h and efficiency is in A.F.U.E.
• cooling equipment capacity is in terms of Btu/h and efficiency is in SEER.

So, if you need this information to make a sales presentation to replace a customer's old equipment you have learned how old the units are (within a range) and the size capacity you'll need to price out and how dreadfully inefficient this customer's stuff is and how much they're likely to save on energy costs with your replacement(s).

A three-month trial Subscription is $44.95 and yearly subscriptions are $165.00

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